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Few Words About Us

Smarter Mobility Solutions Ltd.(SMS) is an UK SME which has been established in October 2016, operating at European level since 2019.
The SMS ltd provides smarter and more efficient solutions to a low carbon transport, considering that today’s approach to mobility in cities is contributing to congestion, pollutants and a rising impact to climate change.
The main activity is on decarbonising mobility and transport, targeting aviation, and waterborne alongside road transport and rail . The Company is linking renewable energy solutions to transport sector, is developing different integrated mobility scenarios, while exploring local based solutions, mainly innovations, to be scaled up to large scaled demonstrators, and further test market responsiveness.
From mobility to climate impact
Smarter Mobility Solutions Ltd is teaming up with several actors in UK, Europe, US and ASEAN countries, due to its members being involved in several programmes and projects in those regions. The involvement with COP26/Innovation Zones has facilitated engagement with several companies acting world-wide, as well as national governments in search for advice on how to reduce climate impact while growing within environmental limits. The approach to policy-research-practice, while advising on strategies, plans and projects within a structured framework has proved to be a good pathway towards prioritising investment in a low carbon to NetZero route.

The Company was founded by Dr Delia Dimitriu, who is a world-renowned expert on climate impact assessment, tackling mitigation and adaptation related to cities and transport. She is involved in developing strategies and shaping programmes and projects at local, regional and international level. Being Romanian by birth, Delia is very interested to work with colleagues from Central Eastern Europe, due to her roots and strong network developed during the last 20 years since her move to UK, to become an academic at Manchester metropolitan University. Her engagement with Connected Places Catapult, as an Associate, has contributed to the understanding of innovation actions and their associated challenges to market and job creation.
Delia was part of a team that was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for its work on climate change and is a member of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report; WG3- Mitigation, Chapter 8-Transport (2010-2014).
In December 2022 she received The national order "Cultural Merit" in the rank of Knight for sustained activity and achievements in the field of science and technology.

Exploring Local based solutions to decarbonize smart cities and mobility

SMS is proving support for a better, common approach to making mobility in smart cities a reality. Our focus is on CE European cities, due to the potential the region is offering in terms of growth, knowledge transfer and approach to decarbonisation.

  • Develop a concept Towards Smart Zero Carbon Cities- a more inclusive, sustainable approach, including opportunities for growth and green jobs.
  • Work with European colleagues involved in projects that aim to deploy integrated energy, mobility and ICT solutions
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge transfer about setting up of smart city business models and user-centric innovation in order to contribute to positive societal dynamics.
  • Exploring solutions on renewable energy sources is our main priority.

By fostering international collaboration between industry and technology owners, involving cities as end-users, SMS Ltd. is developing affordable, integrated and smart mobility solutions, with a clear market potential.

Exploring challenges

Reducing the environmental footprint, with focus on carbon footprint is our main objective. We are finding solutions to the rapidly urbanizing world cities need to become smarter, while responding to citizens need to improve local air quality and overall their quality of life. We are working together with our partners to support growth and the transition to a smart, sustainable Europe.
The involvement in Decarbonising Danube Delta initiative and working with several partners along the Danube river basin proved a well-balanced plan to identify local needs and the role of Living Labs to support Governance through innovation actions. The output of this endeavour has lead to several proposals under development at present.

Our Team

Delia G. Dimitriu, PhD- Director Climate Impact, Smarter Mobility Solutions, Ltd.,UK
Dr Delia Dimitriu is a world-renowned expert on decarbonising places and assessing their environmental impact. She is involved in developing strategies and shaping programmes and projects at local, regional and international level. Addressing aspects of policy, research and practice, Delia is seeking for joint innovative solutions to be scaled up and taste market responsiveness. Being a member of the UN-Climate Impact group, Delia is advising several actors world-wide, as The European Commission, The World Bank Group and governments from the ASEAN region, in identifying local-based renewable energy solutions. Lately, Delia’s interest is in decarbonising waterborne and associated regions, Danube Delta being such an example. Delia’s extended CV can be found here.

Vasile Dimitriu, MSc- expert in aviation field, with an MSc in aircraft engineering, having over 35 years experience in aviation sector, 22 of them being spent with TAROM, the Romanian Airline. He has also got a Master degree in Computing Science from The Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Vasile is involved in projects related to aviation and connectivity. He is also engaged with data collection and analyses.

Mihai Pondea - is an experienced business analyst, with knowledge in designing business models and assessing innovations on their route to be scaled up, by using market examination tools. He is involved in exploring market responsiveness to different stressors related to mobility and decarbonisation, examining surveys and experts’ opinions. Mihai is also involved in organising several communication & dissemination events, developing digital tools to engage with audience and structuring the outcome(s). Lately, he has experience in project management and is helping editing reports. Mihai’s CV can be visited here.

Nick Jones - expert in MaaS ( Mobility as a Service), intelligent transport system and associated impact

Dr Judith Barrett - expert in sustainability with reference to eco practice in agriculture, land-use and transport


climate change has observable effects on the environment


Billion tons of ice lost/ Year


Billion Tons of CO2/ Year


mm rise of sea level(last100yr)


MIL people affected by droughts/yr


Smarter Mobility Solutions is a catalyst of change, providing a wide expertise as detailed below:

Knowledge transfer

knowledge transfer to a rapid shift to low-carbon mobility with in-reach technologies


vision on sustainable mobility, starting from strategies based on local solutions:

Implementation approach

a detailed approach to the implementation of Sustainable development goals within a city and region context

Business platform

a new business platform for Mobility 2020 and beyond

Communication and engagement

with a large range of stakeholders, based on the Company’s core strategy: policy-research-practice

Project management

project management and coordination




UK-Prosperity Fund Smart Mobility Project Closinng Event was held on 9th of April 2019


Sustainable Mobility 26 June 2018


International Transport Forum, 24-25 Feb 2020



Dr Delia Dimitriu

Mihai Pondea

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